SwiftUI fun 😆 and machine learning adventures.

Recently went through all of the WWDC 2019 topics on SwiftUI and machine learning, and they are all really great. Since all of my projects are in various stages, I’m going to take the time to convert them to SwiftUI. This should also help me to work through and get a better understanding of different programming paradigms such as protocol oriented programming.

As far as machine learning goes, this is definitely an adventure. I’m currently working through Fast.ai’s Practical Deep Learning for Coders, v3 and it’s simply amazing! Its a top to bottom teaching approach so you’ll learn how to do things first then theory. The DeepLearning.ai courses are more bottom up approach and are just as amazing. Links below.



First virtual race completed on Amazon's AWS Deep Racer circuit! 🏎 🤠

Tried out Amazon’s AWS Deep Racer virtual circuit last month and I was amazed on how easy and fun it was to do! I entered the May London Loop and ended up # 169 out of 859! Not too bad since this was my first time using AWS. AWS did a great job on how easy it is to set up and train a machine learning model on SageMaker, then use RoboMaker for the simulator, and handle all the backend connections. I’ll be trying out the Kumo Torakku race next since there is about 2 & 1/2 weeks left until it closes. 🤖

Racer name: StarlightDreamStudio

For more info on deep racer:


Amazon Alexa Skill: Alien Barbecue Story

I tried out Amazon’s Alexa Skill and I must say it was fun to play with. My first Alexa skill is live now to the public. Its made using an Alexa Blueprint and it was very simple and easy to make. 😆


After I release my next iOS game in a few weeks, I hope to add a few more Alexa skills to this initial one. Here’s the link to the Amazon Alexa Developer site.


You can either build your own custom experience with code or use one of Amazon’s Blueprints that does not require any code.

Have a fun day! 😁

Next iOS game almost ready for release by March 2019 🤖

Made it over the main hurdle of getting everything working in my next iOS game over the last few weeks. This time around I decided to maintain different methods of tracking my progress to see what works best in development. In a nutshell, storyboards are the way to go. In the next few weeks I’ll be adding music/sound effects and changing a few of the graphical elements as well as continued testing on physical devices. 😅